Plasma Glass Skin - Korean Glass Skin Facial


You have unlocked a legendary item.

This is a unique combination of techniques to restore the face to a very young age but as naturally as possible, So you simply look younger but in a very natural way.

It induces collage production at youthful levels and works towards a  permanent reset so that the results are permanent and undo only with normal aging.

It functions a bit like retinol, but with minimized skin sensitivity problems.

It is all built in a negentropic manner which helps allow for the reversion to youthfulness.

The production of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) is directly induced which has a host of benefits if properly absorbed, we bypass that problem and naturally induce its production, for fast and direct effects.

Finally, the production of the protein COL17A1 is induced, which can help slow down aging by allow only well functioning cells to grow, instead of the weaker damaged ones.

This can lead to long term permanent rejuvenated appearance.

So we tackle both the very fast and long term results, compounding your journey back in time.

This targets, the face, ears head and neck. 

2 - 3 times a day is a fair time for optimal effects.

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Plasma Glass Skin -  Korean Glass Skin Facial